Highland Warrior Picture Book

Welcome to Monica's illustrated guide for readers who like visuals to accompany their reading pleasure. Take a journey through history as she brings the pages of her books to life with pictures.

Views of Loch Ascog, Isle of Bute, where I placed Ascog Castle, “the stronghold of Lamont of Ascog, […] a simple rectangular tower house of four stories and a garret surrounded by a sturdy barmkin wall situated on a small rise on the northern edge of the loch.” (Chapter Two). Northern edge is pictured at the top. Note: the actual castle was located across the Kyle in Cowal.

Archibald Campbell, the 7th Earl of Argyll plays an important part in my Highlander series and Highland Warrior in particular. Curious as to what “Archie” the grim really looked like? A painting of him that hangs at Inveraray Castle, here’s a link to part of it.

Toward Castle, Cowal, stronghold of Lamonts of Toward, where Caitrina takes refuge with her kinsmen. (Chapter Nine).

A view of the Firth of Clyde from top of castle hill—me with Iain and Veronica. Dunoon was “located strategically on the western shore of the Clyde on a small promontory, providing an excellent vantage from which to repel attackers.” (Chapter Seven). Argyll was the hereditary keeper of the royal castle. (Chapter Six).

Remains of Dunoon (Dun-nain) Castle, Cowal.

I’m standing before Queen Mary’s Gate, “the arched gateway between the chapel and guardhouse.” (Chapter Ten).

Looking to the Isle of Bute from Toward. “She [Caitrina] loved the desolate and remote feeling of standing on the very tip of Cowal, looking across the blue sea to the Isle of Bute—to home.” (Chapter Nine).

Want to see how Toward Castle might have looked? See drawing here.

Rothesay Castle, Isle of Bute, “the luxurious former Stewart stronghold with its unique design of circular towers” where Jamie and Caitrina stay during the rebuilding of Ascog. (Chapter Thirteen)

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